Sparkling and Chic

If someone asked you what your style is, do you know how you would answer? To me, style is not just the fashion I wear but the way I live my life. Everyone has a different style, whether it be the clothes you wear, the way you decorate your home, how you present yourself and carry yourself and the things you choose to do with your life.

I take pride in being unique and standing out from the crowd. With that being said, I still like to take inspiration and get ideas from everything around me. I live in what I consider to be the best city in the world- New York City. Everyday I see thousands of people, buildings and images. I use these experiences to inspire new ideas in my life. Through this blog, I want to share the different things that inspire me everyday. Take from it any ideas you wish and feel free to share ideas of your own in the comments section.

No matter what your style is- stay Sparkling and Chic.



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