Powering Through

Thursday is a rough day. You’re on your fourth day of the work week and still have one more day to go until the weekend. I used to think Monday evening was the worst time of the week, as you have already had a hard day at work and realize you still have four left, but today I have changed my stance. This may have something to do with the fact that today I am working a 16 hour work day all while in the back of my mind knowing that I am moving apartments in two days and need to be all packed as well.

While I usually thrive on stress and have definitely stressed myself out on purpose to improve the quality of my work in the past, I feel it is best this week if I try to keep my stress down as much as possible to be able to handle working at my new job, bartending and moving. One way I am doing this is by trying to stay on track with my work (I am currently on my lunch break so this is not taking away from my work time!) but also, I am trying to enjoy the things that come along with it being Thursday.

If you look at the right side of this blog, you will see that I added a few new links. One of these is Goop. Goop is Gwenyth Paltrow’s blog that she sends out every Thursday on different subjects. Sometimes I enjoy this more than others. My favorites have been the weeks when she has discussed going to different cities and the restaurants they contain, the week she posted numerous different book selections by people with different tastes and the week she posted favorite movie selections by very famous directors. She is lucky to be able to have the contacts to ask these specialists the questions and we are lucky that she sends them out to a mass mailing list so we can enjoy and learn as well.

Another Web site that I read daily but has the best edition on Thursdays is Daily Candy, which I have also provided the link for on the right side of the page. Daily Candy sends out daily e-mails about different places to go and things to do in many cities and also a nation-wide edition as well. On Thursdays, though, DC sends out a special edition with things to do for the weekend. Find your city and subscribe, they have news ideas every week and it will keep you in the know of what is going on! If they do not create an edition for the city in which you live, you can read the Everywhere edition. I personally am subscribed to the New York, Chicago, Miami and Everywhere editions (I used to be subscribed to almost all the cities for an internship I worked at years ago, but have since downsized).

Hope everyone makes it through their Thursdays efficiently because tomorrow is FRIDAY! Enjoy the new links, but of course not in place of  Sparkling and Chic!!!


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