I DIE for the Bananas that is RZ

Most anyone who has had at least one conversation with me knows of my LOVE of the woman, the stylist, the legend- Rachel Zoe. I have said the only way I would ever relocate to LA (mostly because I have a really hard time with time zones and prefer to be on Eastern, other than when I lived in Wisco and Italy) is if Ms. Zoe wanted to hire me. On my birthday last October, a friend told me at my brunch that I looked like Rachel that day and I was BEYOND excited. I think she is the ultimate in styling and I would love to have a career like hers one day, only, of course, even more bananas.

For those of you that don’t know, tonight is the beginning of the third season of The Rachel Zoe Project. Tune in to watch Rachel, Brad, Rodge and most likely many amazing guests that could include Oscar, Karl, Demi and Cameron (yes, I am on a first name basis with Karl Lagerfeld- deal with it) this season, as they have been featured in the past.

While anxiously awaiting the season premier, I am including a funny clip of the Zoeinator, Amy Phillips. Enjoy and be sure to tune into tonight to Bravo for Season 3 of The Rachel Zoe Project.


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