Weekend Update

As a not-so-sly homage to the segment that was always my favorite when I watched Saturday Night Live, I will be sharing my weekend update with all of you, only instead of hearing a humorous recap of important current events, you all get to hear about the styling life of a City girl. The weekend started at 2PM on Friday with a manicure, an ice cream cone and Saks. Not all at the same time.

I decided by the brisk, brisk weather (that is a joke, for anyone not in the NY area, it is still a SAUNA here) that it was time to start up with the dark nails. I love wearing my nail color as dark as possible and went for about a year straight in college wearing only black nail polish. Maybe I am gothic… although a gothic girl would probably not write a blog called Sparkling and Chic.

Note: All these photos are taken on my blackberry, so no judging quality!

Eiffel For This Color by OPI

From the mani, I made my way over to Saks on a mission to find a dress for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. I stopped on the way to get an ice-cream cone. I LOVE that in NY there are so many ice-cream trucks and food carts everywhere. When I was a kid, I always got so excited to hear the music of the ice-cream man coming down the street and now they are everywhere I look, minus the music. Unfortunately, the heat was a bit too much for my cherry dipped cone and part of it melted and fell INTO my shoe which made for a very comfortable walk to Saks. Finally made it to Saks, and FINALLY found a dress for the wedding- first one I tried on! Its a beautiful dress by Phoebe (P as in Phoebe, H as in Hebe, O as in Obie… got any Friends fans out there?) Couture. I cannot tell you the details, but will post photos after the wedding.

Saturday, I met a girlfriend for brunch at Belcourt for their delicious biscuits. Seriously people, they are AH-MAY-ZING. In the afternoon, I spent a few hours in Washington Square Park with some guy friends- swimming in the fountain (seriously, I jumped in), watching a contortionist, hanging on the grass and checking out the local artwork.

This is made all of colored sand- what talent

The fountain I took a dip in- what a way to cool off!

New York City is amazing because there are always new things to see and do. There is amazing talent hanging out in the park that you can see for free. I don’t know about where you all hang out- but where else can you watch a contortionist for free while swimming in a fountain?

Later in the day, we stopped by a party store. They are always fun places to get ideas and I came up with a very fun idea for the loft party I am going to throw- stay tuned! After that, we went to Greenwich Treehouse for happy hour. The different thing about Greenwich Treehouse is, it is a BYOF bar! You can order drinks there and bring your own food or order in! They even have suggestions of where to order from. We enjoyed glasses of Landshark and ordered in wings from across the street- delicious.

Sunday Funday was spent in Tribeca with yet another friend. We brunched at Gee Whiz diner on her suggestion and then, as we wandered back to catch the subway, found an awesome store. I will post more details about this store at a later date as I bought my sister’s birthday present there and I don’t want her to be able to figure out what it is from this post! Exploring Tribeca was great because its a neighborhood I rarely go to and I always love to find new places. This boutique is great and I will definitely be going back there soon.

All in all, a great weekend filled with friends, experiencing new types of art and performance and stumbling across great new boutiques! I love weekends like this where I really get to soak in what New York City is all about.


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