Cleaning House

So, I have been asked by a few people (glad to know you guys are reading!) where my new blog posts are. I’ll be honest, I just haven’t been feeling inspired lately, I’ve been feeling sick and have been spending a lot of time sleeping. Due to the fact that this blog is about the things that inspire me on a daily routine, I did not think it was fair to my readers to blog without the “blogspiration”.

Luckily for all of YOU, and myself, I bought People Style Watch today and I must say it ignited fashion feelings inside of me. This is DEFINITELY NOT to say I loved all the fashion inside the issue, but it got me thinking and my creative juices flowing. I would say, actually, that I am more inspired by seeing pieces that I don’t like because it makes me wonder how/why these fashion editors were hired and truly wonder why I was not hired in their place.

Caution: a bit of cockiness to the next paragraph. I understand that everyone has different taste and not everyone sees things in the same light, but I am going to have to be honest and toot my own horn, I have damn good style and taste and I am rarely told otherwise. I realize that some of my choices for myself are a bit out there occasionally and I also realize that a good friend’s husband likes to pick out the craziest shoes he can find and play the game, “Would Katie wear these” (the answer has been “yes-she already owns those” on occasion) but when it comes down to it, people tend to respect my decisions and fashion sense and I hope to one day be a successful stylist or fashion editor.

Now, all cockiness aside, back to the post. While reading this magazine, I was inspired to finish unpacking and organizing my room, finish organizing my closet and get rid of things I no longer wear. Clearly, I didn’t last long because I am now blogging, but I have a hard time keeping on task while cleaning and I have an even harder time parting with my belongings, even ones I have not worn in years.

Now, People Style Watch claims to have a 10 Fall Must-Haves section of the magazine this month. If you have the magazine, turn to page 184 and follow along, if not, it doesn’t matter because they didn’t do a very good job. Out of the 10, only one is a fresh idea. Please, if you disagree- LET ME KNOW. If you work for People Style Watch and want to contact me to hire me, please e-mail at Most of these trends have been listed for at least a season or two and then they didn’t even show good products! I agree that feminine shapes are great for this fall season- but please- show something with some shape to it! The “new” idea that I can completely get behind is #10- Lace-Up Boots, not because I particularly like lace-up boots for myself, but at least its a different concept! I’m sorry, lace and chunky knits are not new and lace is a completely terrible trend and I will defend myself on that (I found myself explaining this to a boutique owner last weekend).

With all this being said, use the magazines to garner inspiration, but make things your own. You could have just as great of style taste as the Editor, Susan Kaufman (who, in her photo is dressed head to toe in black and you cannot even figure out what she is wearing!!!).

For listening to me rant, I will reward you all with a photo of my new male roommate in his new sweater he bought this weekend. We are both going to come out of our bedrooms dressed one morning… and be wearing the same outfit. I kid, (ok, I really do have like 9 sweaters in that color) he has great taste and I would gladly send many guys I know shopping with him for a few hours for some inspiration.

My roommate/male model in his new Uniqlo sweater

With that, I leave you to go make another attempt at organizing my clothes.


One Comment on “Cleaning House”

  1. amy says:

    People was spot on with my personal favorite, leopard print (no pun intended) 🙂

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