Taking Things to New Heights

Everyone has those days when they just feel sick or tired or just like not being a “people person”. My attempt at a cure to this is (either to take a nap or) to gussy myself up. Seriously, I once felt really sick so I got all dressed up in a purple dress and tights and over the knee boots (see, I really do love them) and went out to dinner. Sadly, it didn’t work and it turned out I had the swine flu.

Today, I woke up and just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. My alarm went off at 7am because I wanted to get up and run errands before work. That CLEARLY did not happen. I did it the day before and I was so surprised and proud of myself that I thought I could maybe make it happen a few times a week to be able to fit more things into my schedule. Nope.

By the time I could pull myself from my bed (note: I am not just a lazy bum, my bed is REALLY comfortable), I decided I needed something to perk up my morning. I pulled a dress off a hanger that I like to refer to as my “mod-squad” dress because it has a 60s-70s feel to it. I decided to really complete the outfit, I would pair this with my 5 inch, suede platform peep toe pumps.

My shoe of choice for the day

{I realize my foot looks like its at an odd angle, don’t worry, just was trying to self-portrait at the best angle of the shoe.}

Being as short as I am (5 foot), these shoes take me to new heights and keep a head above the rest- literally and figuratively. Ok, actually even with 5 inch heels, I am still shorter than most people, but hey, they make me FEEL like a supermodel!


One Comment on “Taking Things to New Heights”

  1. […] way to add color is through accessories and, if you can’t tell by reading these posts here, here and here, my favorite accessories are shoes. Suede colored shoes are a fabulous way to brighten up […]

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