Kick Up Your Heels

In America, yesterday was Columbus Day and I was lucky enough to have off of work, therefore making today seem like the beginning of the week.

In Sparking and Chic World, yesterday was my 25th birthday, making today the first day of my year.

To celebrate the first day of the week (for some people- I understand that some of you had work yesterday and I feel terrible… really…) and to start my year off right, I found a picture of a pair of DREAM shoes of mine. Some girls long for a pair of Manolos, Choos or Loubs with the beautiful red sole. I, of course, choose to differ from the crowd. My dream pair is simple, elegant and sexy and comes from a designer line that needs no introduction, three simple letters will do- Y.S.L.

A sleek shoe with a tall, tall heel and striking blue bottom- will turn heads every time.


Both the pump and bootie for when a little extra coverage is needed... exquisite (image from google images)




One Comment on “Kick Up Your Heels”

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