Boppin’ Around

As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Badgers!), I am very familiar with the store Bop, or, as anyone who is un-Madison-saavy would call it, For those who don’t know, started as a boutique in Madison, Wisconsin owned by the parents of a friend who lived down the hall from me freshman year. During my stay in Madison, though, bought Bop and it has (in my opinion) gotten a little out of control. As a frequent Bopper in my college days, I have been on the mailing list for years and still get it daily. I’ll admit, it is one that I usually skip over and delete automatically. Due to the fact that I am on SO many mailing lists for my daily blog reads, sample sale sites and  stores I order from (no matter how often I try to remove myself from store mailing lists, I seem to wind up on more and more), I have a choice few that I automatically delete daily. Today,’s subject line caught my eye right before I hit the delete button but it has been in the back of my mind until I just remembered what it said- Bop is now carrying Club Monaco???

Now, I am no brand snob, that is for sure and I believe in shopping where you find the things you want to wear (Gap is one of my FAVORITE places to shop for my basics and I was even in there on my lunch hour today, but unfortunately, so was every other Manhattanite and the line wrapped through the entire store). I like shopping at Club Monaco and often find really cute work clothes and dresses there. That being said, Bop and Club Monaco DO NOT MIX.

I’ll be honest, even as I write this, I can’t figure out why this match-up bothers me so much. The two for me, though, do not blend and I predict this marketing plan will not sell many products. With that, I’ll conclude my rant and leave you only with an image to back up my prediction- take a look at the screen shot of the product page- the site does not make any of the clothing seem slightly appealing. Nothing POPS. You are all welcome to leave your opinions for me- but until someone changes my mind, and Club Monaco will together seem to me like cupcakes and bacon- I know it is done… but why?


Club Monaco on (image from


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