I Got the Blues…

Due to the fact that I am moving into a fabulous new apartment in a week and a half (yay!), I have been paying more attention to interior design and brainstorming ways to decorate the space. While I have gotten really into reading design blog (check out some of the new ones I have added to “My Daily Stops”), but lucky for me, I don’t have to go very far to find a superb interior designer with an excellent eye for style (ok, techincally, I have to go hundreds of miles to get to her, but just go with me here)…

The woman in question here is none other than my FABULOUS mother. My mom decorated my entire house and recently re-did my bathroom. When I went home last month to visit for a weekend, I was able to see the finished product. Growing up, the walls were coated in pink heart wallpaper and the ceiling was hand-painted by my mama herself with pink hearts. It was any little girl’s dream bathroom and, as many of you can probably tell by my blog, I love pink so I loved it extra.

The updated look still has beautiful pinkness, but this time, as a detail rather than the main event. The walls are blue with hot pink highlights throughout the room. The finishing touch is an awesome print that my mother picked up at the Ann Arbor Art Fair which she frequents annually with some of her friends and always brings me back great goodies. Check out some pics of the finished product below:

Blue walls with pink hand towels and bath mat

Another wall

"Here's to beautiful women... may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!"

 What great artwork from a mother to her daughters!


2 Comments on “I Got the Blues…”

  1. Irvin Moscowitz says:

    The article will make your Mother sooo happy. Nice work

  2. Mama says:

    Katie, what a very lovely compliment!!! Thank you. And I was so worried you would be upset about the demise of the pink hearts. ( even though you don’t live at home anymore) Actually Aunt DD was the decorator the first time around but the blue bathroom was my pick this time. I didn’t know you took pictures… What else did you take pictures of that I might find on the internet?

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