Away We Go

Last Sunday evening, after a fabulous weekend with my family and friends- dining, shopping and of course spending a wonderful morning at the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter’s Memory Walk 2010, I returned to my apartment to find my laptop’s hard drive had blown up. Now, my laptop is almost 4 years old so this wouldn’t be shocking, except that the hard drive also blew up in January. Two hard drives in 10 months??? Fearing this would happen again soon if I didn’t take care of the situation, I decided to buy a new laptop. Now, I have a beautiful new Macbook, which is the same as the one I had except a newer, sleeker body.

In the past, I have had large laptop cases, sleeves that are just too bulky and of course the thing that I have done most: just thrown it in my tote bag for travel. Inspired by my new pretty Macbook, I am currently picking out a new laptop sleeve that is slim enough for my to put it in any of my many totes and carry wherever I may need/want it. Why not protect my computer (although, I know that is NOT why it has blown up twice this year) in a beautiful overcoat?

Below are a few options I am considering and some I just think look awesome. Enjoy!

Velvet Idole - $100.82

Juicy Couture - $78.00

Rebecca Minkoff - $98.00

Juicy Couture - $98.00

Kate Spade - $445.00

Interior of Kate Spade bag- I realize this is not a sleeve but oh so chic!

Marc by Marc Jacobs $78.00


One Comment on “Away We Go”

  1. Mama says:

    We have an extra one at home and it’s free!!!!

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