Scary Chic

This past weekend, I celebrated Halloween and, like always, I took great strives to create an awesome costume. As I have stated in earlier posts, I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which is the BEST school/place in the world to be for Halloween. The first few years I bought costumes, but by my senior year I was done with that- I knew to really wow people, I would need to create my own costumes from scratch. This year, I took things to a new height (pun intended) by creating the look of one of my favorite childhood toys- a princess ballerina treasure troll- PINK, (of course) complete with a pink rhinestone bellybutton. 

I gained about 10 inches by wearing my hair in a "troll-chic" hairdo

Everyone who follors the fashion industry knows which celeb creates the best costumes and party year to year: Heidi Klum. This year was no exception (although, my invite must have gotten lost in the mail). Last night at Lavo (one of the newest clubs in NYC by the owners of Tao) Klum hosted her party in a dazzling outfit.

Klum and husband, Seal (image via Just Jared)

Klum (image via Just Jared)

Also attending the party was Brooklyn Decker- beautiful supermodel and wife of tennis player Andy Roddick. Coincidentally, Decker was also a pink treasure troll. You may be beautiful, Brooklyn, but its a good thing you most likely have a stylist because I must say, I definitely showed up your costuming skills…

Brooklyn Decker's attempt at a pink troll look (with Jared dressed as Ke$ha, image via Just Jared)

Klum definitely sets the bar high for her guests. Here’s hoping I get an invite to next year’s bash!


One Comment on “Scary Chic”

  1. Cottage Gal says:

    Love the troll costume, Katie! Hilarious!

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