A Night in Gramercy in Review

Since moving into our new apartment, my new roomie and I haven’t ventured out to explore Gramercy, so last night we decided to check out a few of the local watering holes (being that I am SPARKLING AND CHIC, by local watering holes, I mean lounges and hotel bars).

Our first stop was the new Gansevoort on Park Avenue and 28th Street. We made our way in and took the elevator to Penthouse 2 where Plunge is located. The interior is very dark and manly with dark wood floors and dark brown accents throughout the room. Half of the area is filled with couches, chairs and tables and the other half, around the bar, is standing room only. One entire wall is floor-to-ceiling windows, and I’ll admit, I was slightly scared to go near them (flashbacks of the Sex and the City episode when Kristen Johnston’s character falls out the window!). Outside is the pool and heat lamps but it was a little too chilly for me to venture out there, maybe in the warmer months. I had a delicious dirty martini and then we decided it was time to move on to the next spot.

Two short blocks south, we arrived at the new restaurant/lounge The Hurricane Room. This place is truly spectacular and actually SPARKLING. You walk in through a white revolving door and arrive in an all white entry way with two bronze doors at the end. After walking through the doors, we arrived in an exotic room decorated in golds and bronzes. Tables were filled with people drinking through long straws out of watermelon shaped bowls. A golden bar took center stage. Truly a spectacular looking bar and I suggest everyone take the time to check it out.

The Hurricane Club (image via thrillist.com)

The bar at The Hurricane Club (image via gothamist.com)

The last stop of our evening was The Polar Lounge. With no sign on the door, it can be hard to find but it is located on the corner of 24th Street and 3rd Avenue. After you proceed through the glass door, the entry-way is painted entirely hot pink, which of course, I love. We made our way downstairs into the bar and were greeted with large paintings of polar bears and an open area for dancing. A DJ was in the corner and we “did a lap before we committed to a location” (perfect time for a Clueless reference). There are private rooms for bottle service and quiet conversations. We stayed for awhile, chatted with the very friendly Israeli bartender and even had Perrier forced on us by a promoter who then proceeded to take our photo.  The bar was much smaller than I imagined but still a great time.

Take some time to check out the entertainment in your neighborhood and, of course, come to Gramercy and enjoy these SPARKLING AND CHIC lounges.


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