My Five Things…

Starting the week looking forward to five things makes Monday WAY more bearable. Here are my five things for the week:

1. Shortened Work Week– Because of Thanksgiving break, we only have to work Monday and Tuesday this week!

2. Flying Home to Family and Friends– I have a huge family and we live all over the country- New York, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Michigan, and of course, many different cities in Ohio. I am fortunate that many of my family members from around the US are flying in for Turkey Day. Also, because I am generally away on vacation during Christmastime, Thanksgiving is the one time of year that I get to see the majority of my home friends. This week is action packed with lots of activities, meals and time to just plain hang out.

3. My Mother’s Cooking– My mother is the best cook. Enough said. I hope to one day be able to cook like her… but that is going to take lots and lots of practice.

My mama and me

4. Black Friday– A day that many shoppers dread is one to which I look forward. I don’t get up early and go for the deals, but leisurely go in the early afternoon. Something about the hustle and bustle and madness of the mall makes me very happy and in tune with the holiday spirit.

5. December Issue of InStyle Magazine– Yesterday, I bought the newest InStyle and although I have only leafed through about a quarter of the issue, I am already LOVING it. Carrie Underwood is the cover girl and she looks absolutely beautiful. So far, my favorite bit is about ballerina style and how it is all over this season. For anyone who knows how much I love tutus (FYI- it is A LOT!), this makes me very happy.

Make a list of 5 things you are looking forward to this week! It will get you through this shortened work week just a bit faster.


One Comment on “My Five Things…”

  1. Mama says:

    What a wonderful compliment, Katie!

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