Sparkling Holidays

Now, I know I live in New York and I focus most of my posts on things that inspire me in New York, but as I know I have readers across the country, today my focus is on another great American city- Chicago. I have been to Chicago many, many times to visit my sister, friends and for fun, and for some reason, I have never done much site-seeing. Other than one visit when I spent three days at Lollapalooza, I tend to spend the majority of my time in Chicago shopping and eating (SHOCKING- I know!) Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is a beautiful strip of stores and one of my favorite places to shop.

One of my very close childhood friends lives in Chicago and works for the Michigan Avenue Crate and Barrel. Recently, she just designed the beautiful windows for their holiday display! Apparently, there is a contest of some sort called The Magnificent Mile 2010 Lights Festival and each window is competing to win. NOW- because the Crate and Barrel window display is so SPARKLING AND CHIC and my friend did such an amazing job, I am asking you to go vote for her at this link:

It is easy and you can gain inspiration from all the beautiful holiday windows!


2 Comments on “Sparkling Holidays”

  1. Adam Rowe says:

    Looks like your friend is a bit behind. Looks great though!

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