The Weather Outside is Frightful

(From left to right)

Top Row:

Nordstrom Long Fingerless Knit Gloves, $18.00 (image via

Milly ‘Bow’ Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves, $100.00 (image via Nordstrom. com)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Fingerless Knit Driving Gloves, $48.00 (image via

Bottom Row:

Rag & Bone Rayleigh Gloves, $140.00 (image via

Juicy Couture Sequin Mini Handwarmer, $45.00 (image via

Jean Colonna Silk Jersey Armwarmers, $33.00 (image via

Winter has officially hit New York City with chilly weather and our first snowfall today. Yesterday, I spent the morning in Central Park with my out-of-town guests and we were COLD. As we spent at least ten minutes swinging on the swings in the playground (who doesn’t love reliving their childhood every once in awhile?), I realized I was the only one of us not wearing gloves and my fingers were aching from the chill. I rarely wear gloves because I find them to be inconvenient. They either keep your hands very warm but leave your hands unable to function well or do not keep your hands warm at all.

After I left the park I decided I NEEDED to find a pair of gloves that is functional, warm and, of course, fabulous. Because of the surge in the public’s obsession with technology and the need for the ability to use their iPhones and blackberries in the cold, many gloves out this season are incredibly functional. Fingerless gloves, armwarmers and gloves with slits in the thumb-holes make it easy to be able to do everything you need while staying warm. I am also LOVING the look of elbow-legnth gloves. It brings a bit of old Hollywood glamour to winter wear. Take a look at the selection I have picked out and you’ll be sure to stay cozy and chic this snowy season!


One Comment on “The Weather Outside is Frightful”

  1. Irvin says:

    It is 13 degrees here today

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