To A Sparkling New Year

Ciao readers. I am back blogging after a two week vacation in Miami. Vacation was phenomenal- both fun and relaxing. I spent lots of time with family and fabulous friends.

I loved spending time in the warm weather on the ocean and got to do many things that I do not do here in Manhattan including spending an amazing day on a boat with friends, laying by the pool and on the beach in the middle of December and getting a fabulous tan and spending quality time (and eating lots of good food) with my family.

While I love Miami (and I definitely do- I can see myself living in a beach house sometime in the future), flying back into New York confirmed my thoughts that this is currently the only city for me (of course, if Louis Vuitton headquarters would be calling my name, I guess I could make the move to Paris).

As I flew in, the entire city was lit up, the lights twinkling and all of Manhattan (sorry other boroughs, I am biased) was truly SPARKLING AND CHIC.

So, with that I want to welcome all my readers to the New Year and may this year be SPARKLING AND CHIC for us all. Cheers.


One Comment on “To A Sparkling New Year”

  1. Cottage Gal says:

    Happy New Year Katie! Can’t wait to see what your blog has in store this year 🙂

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