What is on My Mind…

As a Public Relations/Advertising/Journalism major in college and a person who has worked in the fields, I am constantly noticing how brands choose to represent themselves with the advertisements they produce and the images put out to the public eye. I actually get mad when brands produce poor advertisements (its a weird quirk of mine and I know its ridiculous, therefore, I won’t even attempt to justify it). When it comes to fashion houses, advertisements often walk a fine line between classy, artsy and trashy. While I will not highlight some of the trashiest fashion ads that come to mind, I will share one of my favorites.

Louis Vuitton, under the parent company LVMH (Moet Hennessey-Louis Vuitton), presents the public with absolutely stunning images. Earlier this week, I was perusing their Web site and found a beautiful image that I wanted to share.

image via lvmh.com

Everything about this photograph is breathtaking: the women, the style, the setting. I personally love that the picture is set in a dressing room as I grew up performing in the theatre and getting ready in the same style of light surrounded mirrors. These women show elegance and display the clothing in a subtly glamourous way. What are some of your favorite brand images?


One Comment on “What is on My Mind…”

  1. Nora says:

    Hi Katie,

    I really am enjoying your blog
    Good luck on your new job. Happy 2011. Nora

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