What is on My Mind…

As a Public Relations/Advertising/Journalism major in college and a person who has worked in the fields, I am constantly noticing how brands choose to represent themselves with the advertisements they produce and the images put out to the public eye. I actually get mad when brands produce poor advertisements (its a weird quirk of mine and I know its ridiculous, therefore, I won’t even attempt to justify it). When it comes to fashion houses, advertisements often walk a fine line between classy, artsy and trashy. While I will not highlight some of the trashiest fashion ads that come to mind, I will share one of my favorites.

Louis Vuitton, under the parent company LVMH (Moet Hennessey-Louis Vuitton), presents the public with absolutely stunning images. Earlier this week, I was perusing their Web site and found a beautiful image that I wanted to share.

image via lvmh.com

Everything about this photograph is breathtaking: the women, the style, the setting. I personally love that the picture is set in a dressing room as I grew up performing in the theatre and getting ready in the same style of light surrounded mirrors. These women show elegance and display the clothing in a subtly glamourous way. What are some of your favorite brand images?


To A Sparkling New Year

Ciao readers. I am back blogging after a two week vacation in Miami. Vacation was phenomenal- both fun and relaxing. I spent lots of time with family and fabulous friends.

I loved spending time in the warm weather on the ocean and got to do many things that I do not do here in Manhattan including spending an amazing day on a boat with friends, laying by the pool and on the beach in the middle of December and getting a fabulous tan and spending quality time (and eating lots of good food) with my family.

While I love Miami (and I definitely do- I can see myself living in a beach house sometime in the future), flying back into New York confirmed my thoughts that this is currently the only city for me (of course, if Louis Vuitton headquarters would be calling my name, I guess I could make the move to Paris).

As I flew in, the entire city was lit up, the lights twinkling and all of Manhattan (sorry other boroughs, I am biased) was truly SPARKLING AND CHIC.

So, with that I want to welcome all my readers to the New Year and may this year be SPARKLING AND CHIC for us all. Cheers.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

(From left to right)

Top Row:

Nordstrom Long Fingerless Knit Gloves, $18.00 (image via Nordstrom.com)

Milly ‘Bow’ Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves, $100.00 (image via Nordstrom. com)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Fingerless Knit Driving Gloves, $48.00 (image via Nordstrom.com)

Bottom Row:

Rag & Bone Rayleigh Gloves, $140.00 (image via shopbop.com)

Juicy Couture Sequin Mini Handwarmer, $45.00 (image via juicycouture.com)

Jean Colonna Silk Jersey Armwarmers, $33.00 (image via saks.com)

Winter has officially hit New York City with chilly weather and our first snowfall today. Yesterday, I spent the morning in Central Park with my out-of-town guests and we were COLD. As we spent at least ten minutes swinging on the swings in the playground (who doesn’t love reliving their childhood every once in awhile?), I realized I was the only one of us not wearing gloves and my fingers were aching from the chill. I rarely wear gloves because I find them to be inconvenient. They either keep your hands very warm but leave your hands unable to function well or do not keep your hands warm at all.

After I left the park I decided I NEEDED to find a pair of gloves that is functional, warm and, of course, fabulous. Because of the surge in the public’s obsession with technology and the need for the ability to use their iPhones and blackberries in the cold, many gloves out this season are incredibly functional. Fingerless gloves, armwarmers and gloves with slits in the thumb-holes make it easy to be able to do everything you need while staying warm. I am also LOVING the look of elbow-legnth gloves. It brings a bit of old Hollywood glamour to winter wear. Take a look at the selection I have picked out and you’ll be sure to stay cozy and chic this snowy season!

A Room of a Pink Color

I moved into my new apartment just under one month ago but am not even close to having everthing completely where I want it. Last night, I decided to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom and attempted to move it all by myself- not a good idea. Luckily, my strong roommate helped me, and one broken dresser and one broken toe (not mine) later, my bedroom furniture is rearranged in a much better way.

My room is decorated in different shades of pinks, tan and black. It is incredibly girly and I love it. When it is completely finished, I will post pictures of everything. Currently, though, I only have two wall hangings hung: one is a chandelier-shaped mirror and a piece that states one of my favorite quotes. I still need to hang many more decorations including lots and lots of pictures of family and friends. I have my work cut out for me, but I think I can do it. For now, I will share the quote that is hanging on my wall, enjoy!

Love this quote

Rain, Rain Go Away

Weather forecast in New York today: rain, rain, grey skies and gloom. When it rains, I am like most people, I just want to curl up in my bed under a million blankets and stay there until it dries up. Unfortunately, for the majority of us who have day jobs, that is just not an option so you need to learn to make the best of it.

Today, I am all cozied up in a bright aqua cashmere sweater. When the skies are dark, wear a bright color- it might just make you feel as if the sun is shining bright.

Also, step up your game on your rainwear. I have fabulous rainboots covered in pink hearts that only cost me $20 on target.com. Looking chic does not have to cost you your entire paycheck. Lastly, let me leave you with the newest item on my wishlist, a ridiculously amazing umbrella. Stay dry!

Feliz Rey (image via bloomingdales.com)

Sparkling Holidays

Now, I know I live in New York and I focus most of my posts on things that inspire me in New York, but as I know I have readers across the country, today my focus is on another great American city- Chicago. I have been to Chicago many, many times to visit my sister, friends and for fun, and for some reason, I have never done much site-seeing. Other than one visit when I spent three days at Lollapalooza, I tend to spend the majority of my time in Chicago shopping and eating (SHOCKING- I know!) Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is a beautiful strip of stores and one of my favorite places to shop.

One of my very close childhood friends lives in Chicago and works for the Michigan Avenue Crate and Barrel. Recently, she just designed the beautiful windows for their holiday display! Apparently, there is a contest of some sort called The Magnificent Mile 2010 Lights Festival and each window is competing to win. NOW- because the Crate and Barrel window display is so SPARKLING AND CHIC and my friend did such an amazing job, I am asking you to go vote for her at this link:

It is easy and you can gain inspiration from all the beautiful holiday windows!

Feeling Beachy

Happy Monday all! I hope you all had a lovely, chic Thanksgiving break. I must say my break was very fun and relaxing and filled with lots of family, great friends and mass amounts of eating. Also, thanks for all of you who told me you read this! Glad to know people all over the country are checking out my daily thoughts.

This Monday morning was particularly hard to get out of my cozy bed. While I normally would tell you the 5 things I am looking forward to this week, I have a terrible case of the Mondays (although I am very excited for my high school friends to come in town this weekend to visit me!).

Today, what’s getting me through the day is thinking of my happy place- sitting by the ocean on the beach. I love the beach and hope to someday have a very chic beach house. To go along with my daydream, I decided to check out J. Crew’s current bathing suit line. J. Crew is my go-to for bathing suit needs because they not only have a wide array of both bright and girly suits, but you can mix and match the tops and bottoms allowing a better fit. Here is the suit I have picked as my favorite:

Solid underwire twist bandeau top
(image via jcrew.com)
This suit is sure to make a loud and playful statement when it comes time to actually be at the beach, rather than just daydream.