Double Your Wardrobe, Double Your Fun

As I have said before, Fall is my favorite fashion season. Its time for cashmere sweaters, boots and pumpkin spice latt├Ęs, which I realize are not technically a fashion piece, but really a great accessory to any Fall day. The one problem I have with the changing of the seasons (besides the weather beginning to get chilly- I hate the cold) is that you don’t get to see the other half of your wardrobe for an entire half year.

Well, this is where you’re wrong, my friend.

Wearing winter clothes in the summer is just plain wrong, especially if you live in a place where summers are sweltering. I push it about as far to the limit as possible, wearing sweaters and my ever-present faux fur vests on a cold day in the office or when the weather dips below 70 (I get cold VERY easily), but even I have to store those cozy clothes for at least two months a year.

Lucky for us, Fall is all about layyyyyerrringggg, virtually doubling your closet. Two of my favorite colors to take from Summer to Fall are red and pink. Pairing a red dress with black tights really makes the color pop, while pairing a pale pink with black tights and a blazer makes for the perfect outfit for a sunny, Fall, pumpkin picking kind of day.

(Club Monaco skirt, twenty t-shirt, White House Black Market blazer, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Versace sunnies, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse)


The Family That Styles Together, Whiles (away the hours) Together

For those readers that do not know me personally, I come from a VERY large family that is still growing (3 weddings and a new baby in 14 months). While we are all very loud and opinionated (after Thanksgiving this year, we had a heated “Friends” trivia competition that the entire neighborhood probably overheard), we pretty much always have a fabulous time together.

I also know I can count on any of my numerous relatives if I need something- and that includes style inspiration. Recently during a family get-together, an outfit styled (on herself) by my cousin, Andrea, caught many of our eyes. Faced with the situation of it being winter and wanting to wear a tank dress, Andrea had a conundrum. By pairing a low-backed bodysuit under the dress, Andrea fixed the problem and ended up with a fabulous outfit.

Andrea modeling her self-styled look

This outfit is a great example of how to take a summer outfit and turn it into something wearable in winter, virtually doubling your wardrobe. The bodysuit also adds layers and texture to the outfit, making it that much more interesting to look at. Next time you’re staring hopelessly into your closet thinking you have nothing to wear, try pairing clothes together that you never thought about before and see what happens!