Always Lots to Do in the Big Apple

This past weekend (since I didn’t work today I guess it is currently still the weekend to me), was incredibly busy and filled to the brim with fun activities and friends. Between a housewarming party, a going-away party and lots of champagne, my nights started early and ended late.

Saturday afternoon was filled with a delicious and filling brunch with some girl friends (I was VERY hungry and ordered something called “The Lumberjack Breakfast”) and visiting The Forbes Gallery. One aspect that I love about New York City, is that there is always something to do here, and although the city is more expensive than most, often you can find cheap or free things in which to partake. The Forbes Gallery is in the lobby of the of the Forbes Magazine building and is free. I saw a posting that there is currently an exhibit about jewelry and needed to check it out. Although I enjoyed the costume jewelry exhibit, my favorite art currently on display there is the work of Ronald Searle. I had never heard of Searle before Saturday, but was enraptured by his technique and creativity.

One of my favorite images from the exhibit (image via

For more examples of Searle’s work, you can visit This visit was the first step in my plan to doing something cultural at least once a month.

Sunday was filled with two very contrasting activities- watching football and watching The Golden Globes. Watching the Jets play at any bar in New York City right now is a crazy and exciting experience in itself. With every score the crowd went wild and J-E-T-S was chanted constantly (mostly led by my friends- what can I say… we’re loud). After the game, we relocated to watch The Globes. I was most excited about the wins of Glee and Melissa Leo, the mother from The Fighter who looks incredibly different when not in character. I also did not mind catching glimpses of Ryan Gosling in the audience. Later this week I will share my best dressed picks.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is enjoying their MLK Jr. Day. Stay warm!