There’s No Place Like…

Helloooooo readers- cry no more, Sparkling and Chic is back in action. After a short hiatus, I am back to tell the tales of fashion, wisdom and how to go about taking on the mean streets looking fabulous. Just in time for fall (which EVERYONE knows is the best season for fashion), I am back and here to stay. So please, tune in and listen up.

For the grand re-opening of Sparking and Chic, I have decided to share with you some pumps from Miu Miu- which are the very definition of Sparkling and Chic. Please note, my birthday is in 8 days and any and all of these selections are pre-approved presents for myself, but for those who know me, obviously the PINK ones are preferred. 

For those wondering, Miu Miu is a sister brand to Prada and produces some of the BEST accessories and shoes. I still cry over my beautiful, gold Miu Miu aviators I lost in the Lower East Side when I was forced to go into some dive bar in the middle of the day (the things I do for my friends…).

Photo credit:

Pair any of these pumps with a little black dress and your feet will be the talk of the room. Just remember to click your heels together three times at the end of the night.


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