Double Your Wardrobe, Double Your Fun

As I have said before, Fall is my favorite fashion season. Its time for cashmere sweaters, boots and pumpkin spice lattès, which I realize are not technically a fashion piece, but really a great accessory to any Fall day. The one problem I have with the changing of the seasons (besides the weather beginning to get chilly- I hate the cold) is that you don’t get to see the other half of your wardrobe for an entire half year.

Well, this is where you’re wrong, my friend.

Wearing winter clothes in the summer is just plain wrong, especially if you live in a place where summers are sweltering. I push it about as far to the limit as possible, wearing sweaters and my ever-present faux fur vests on a cold day in the office or when the weather dips below 70 (I get cold VERY easily), but even I have to store those cozy clothes for at least two months a year.

Lucky for us, Fall is all about layyyyyerrringggg, virtually doubling your closet. Two of my favorite colors to take from Summer to Fall are red and pink. Pairing a red dress with black tights really makes the color pop, while pairing a pale pink with black tights and a blazer makes for the perfect outfit for a sunny, Fall, pumpkin picking kind of day.

(Club Monaco skirt, twenty t-shirt, White House Black Market blazer, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Versace sunnies, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse)


There’s No Place Like…

Helloooooo readers- cry no more, Sparkling and Chic is back in action. After a short hiatus, I am back to tell the tales of fashion, wisdom and how to go about taking on the mean streets looking fabulous. Just in time for fall (which EVERYONE knows is the best season for fashion), I am back and here to stay. So please, tune in and listen up.

For the grand re-opening of Sparking and Chic, I have decided to share with you some pumps from Miu Miu- which are the very definition of Sparkling and Chic. Please note, my birthday is in 8 days and any and all of these selections are pre-approved presents for myself, but for those who know me, obviously the PINK ones are preferred. 

For those wondering, Miu Miu is a sister brand to Prada and produces some of the BEST accessories and shoes. I still cry over my beautiful, gold Miu Miu aviators I lost in the Lower East Side when I was forced to go into some dive bar in the middle of the day (the things I do for my friends…).

Photo credit:

Pair any of these pumps with a little black dress and your feet will be the talk of the room. Just remember to click your heels together three times at the end of the night.

Bathing Beauty

As a lover of most all things sparkling, chic and PINK, this tub has gained the top spot in my ever-growing WISHLIST.

Comprised of 44,928 pink crystals and one real diamond, Lori Gardner spent three years creating this, which is on sale for $39,000. For more information, please click here.

My new bathtub (image via

With part of the proceeds going to breast cancer research or the charity of your choice, you can feel good about adding a bit (okay, A LOT) of sparkle to your bathroom (or my bathroom).

A Room of a Pink Color

I moved into my new apartment just under one month ago but am not even close to having everthing completely where I want it. Last night, I decided to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom and attempted to move it all by myself- not a good idea. Luckily, my strong roommate helped me, and one broken dresser and one broken toe (not mine) later, my bedroom furniture is rearranged in a much better way.

My room is decorated in different shades of pinks, tan and black. It is incredibly girly and I love it. When it is completely finished, I will post pictures of everything. Currently, though, I only have two wall hangings hung: one is a chandelier-shaped mirror and a piece that states one of my favorite quotes. I still need to hang many more decorations including lots and lots of pictures of family and friends. I have my work cut out for me, but I think I can do it. For now, I will share the quote that is hanging on my wall, enjoy!

Love this quote

Street Smarts

One of the things I love most about shopping in SOHO is all the street vendors selling such a variety of goods- jewelry, sunglasses, artwork and I’ve even seen a man selling finger puppets. Before I moved to New York, I would never have thought to buy something off the street other than at a Farmer’s Market- in Ohio, its just something you do not do. Even when I first moved to New York I was wary. It wasn’t until I was walking through SOHO with a born and raised New Yorker that I realized, its just what people do here. From then on, I have been on the lookout for great street finds. This weekend, I had a great one. While walking along the street on Sunday, my friend and I spotted a table full of sunglasses. I found a fabulous pair of black and pink glasses and my exact quote was “these sunglasses couldn’t be more me if they tried”. Now they are mine and for only $10! What a steal.

My new sunglasses for only $10

Scary Chic

This past weekend, I celebrated Halloween and, like always, I took great strives to create an awesome costume. As I have stated in earlier posts, I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which is the BEST school/place in the world to be for Halloween. The first few years I bought costumes, but by my senior year I was done with that- I knew to really wow people, I would need to create my own costumes from scratch. This year, I took things to a new height (pun intended) by creating the look of one of my favorite childhood toys- a princess ballerina treasure troll- PINK, (of course) complete with a pink rhinestone bellybutton. 

I gained about 10 inches by wearing my hair in a "troll-chic" hairdo

Everyone who follors the fashion industry knows which celeb creates the best costumes and party year to year: Heidi Klum. This year was no exception (although, my invite must have gotten lost in the mail). Last night at Lavo (one of the newest clubs in NYC by the owners of Tao) Klum hosted her party in a dazzling outfit.

Klum and husband, Seal (image via Just Jared)

Klum (image via Just Jared)

Also attending the party was Brooklyn Decker- beautiful supermodel and wife of tennis player Andy Roddick. Coincidentally, Decker was also a pink treasure troll. You may be beautiful, Brooklyn, but its a good thing you most likely have a stylist because I must say, I definitely showed up your costuming skills…

Brooklyn Decker's attempt at a pink troll look (with Jared dressed as Ke$ha, image via Just Jared)

Klum definitely sets the bar high for her guests. Here’s hoping I get an invite to next year’s bash!

I Got the Blues…

Due to the fact that I am moving into a fabulous new apartment in a week and a half (yay!), I have been paying more attention to interior design and brainstorming ways to decorate the space. While I have gotten really into reading design blog (check out some of the new ones I have added to “My Daily Stops”), but lucky for me, I don’t have to go very far to find a superb interior designer with an excellent eye for style (ok, techincally, I have to go hundreds of miles to get to her, but just go with me here)…

The woman in question here is none other than my FABULOUS mother. My mom decorated my entire house and recently re-did my bathroom. When I went home last month to visit for a weekend, I was able to see the finished product. Growing up, the walls were coated in pink heart wallpaper and the ceiling was hand-painted by my mama herself with pink hearts. It was any little girl’s dream bathroom and, as many of you can probably tell by my blog, I love pink so I loved it extra.

The updated look still has beautiful pinkness, but this time, as a detail rather than the main event. The walls are blue with hot pink highlights throughout the room. The finishing touch is an awesome print that my mother picked up at the Ann Arbor Art Fair which she frequents annually with some of her friends and always brings me back great goodies. Check out some pics of the finished product below:

Blue walls with pink hand towels and bath mat

Another wall

"Here's to beautiful women... may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!"

 What great artwork from a mother to her daughters!